Handcrafted from Start to Finish


It All Begins with a Seed

Here at Striped Pig Distillery, all of our products start with a seed. These seeds are hand-picked and germinated under controlled conditions before they are sown into the soil at Myer’s Farm in Bowman, SC.

Years were spent carefully researching the right varieties of corn, rye and wheat for your spirits. The grains that were produced for us at Myer’s Farm were done so specifically to our conditions and to exactly satisfy our recipe’s needs.


Our Farming Process

Myer’s Farm is a fourth generation farm that started in the late 1800s with a small dairy on 400 acres of land bordering Four Holes Swamp in the South Carolina low country.

When it comes to delivering a consistent product that meets our high standards, Myer’s Farm produces quality ingredients for us to distill, which means we can provide the best taste you deserve.

Delivery & Milling

Once we receive our grains from the farm, they go through different processes to become the spirits that you enjoy.

Milling is one of the most important parts if this stage. We mill our grains onsite to our exact specifications so that the maximum amount of sugar is available for extraction.

Mash Creation

After preparing our local grains and other fresh ingredients, the next step is cooking our grains. The purpose of this step is to convert their starches to sugar for fermentation.

This stage helps define the amount of alcohol produced so we make sure to follow this step very closely.


Fermentation is one of the most important steps in producing Striped Pig liquors. We ferment in small batches, allowing us to better control the process.

We have carefully selected various strains of yeast that allow us to reach our intended flavor profiles for each of our different products. Our distillers supervise each product with no detail overlooked.



The distillation process separates the alcohol from the fermented liquid. Our individual stills are custom designed to create the highest quality products while bringing out the distinctive flavors of each spirit.

We use both a pot still and a column still, allowing greater variability and control during the distillation process.


Once the distillation process has finished, new liquor can enter one of several finishing processes. Our clear products, including Striped Rum, Striped Vodka and Striped ‘Shine, are gently rested allowing the spirits to smoothen around the edges. Striped Gin and Striped Spiced Rum are put into vats with their real, all-natural ingredients that create their distinctive flavors. After about a week, they are refiltered multiple times for the cleanest taste possible.

We select only the prime rum and whiskey batches to mature in our custom barrels. Barrel aged spirits are released on a limited edition basis.


Once a batch of our liquors is matured to perfection, it is prepared for bottling. Each bottle is?signed?by one of our three distillers and owners.

Distilling Waste

To craft our premium product, we must be especially choosy about what we allow to be ‘Striped.’ We realize that our strict processes produce waste, therefore, what better way to bring the process full circle than by donating our by-products back to the farms that initially provide for us?!

Our waste is used as food for livestock, and most of the time they are given to one of our favorite animals, the pig.

Thank you for choosing Striped Pig,
and prepare to be amazed at how great of an upgrade ‘Going Striped’ actually is.

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