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At Striped Pig Distillery you will find a selection of award-winning spirits, including our staple lineup of Bourbon, Gin, Rum, Spiced flavored Rum, and Vodka, as well as specialty flavored products and limited releases.

Our Bourbon offerings are always evolving as we age a variety of mashes in our barrels. Our latest one year aged "everyday" bourbon features strawberry, cedar, honey, and fresh corn on the nose, leading into notes of aromatic ginger, allspice, and black peppercorns on the tongue. This bourbon is the perfect balance of spicy, earthy, and slightly sweet.

At our distillery you will find 1-7 year aged bourbons, with a variety of wheat and rye mashes, South Carolina's first Bottled in Bond Bourbon, as well as specialty Kentucky Bourbons. We encourage you to stay in touch to find out our latest available selections, or contact us about our Barrel Select program to bottle your very own, one of a kind bourbon, or to purchase an exclusive Bottled in Bond Bourbon NFT.

 45% ABV (90 PROOF) 750ML

Smooth and refreshing, our tantalizing gin turns even the most stubborn gin haters into lovers. Made with only four botanicals, Striped Gin is very unique, yet simple and approachable. Subtle hints of juniper on the front and tasting notes of fresh lavender and orange peel on the finish. Mixes well in any cocktail, and just as appealing served over ice. Deservedly awarded top honors at international spirits competitions.

43% ABV (86 PROOF) 750ML

Some say all vodkas are the same. We think our vodka says different. A first for Charleston, our organic vodka is distilled from the finest selection of organic corn and filtered for superb clarity, lending a crisp and subtle flavor, with a light citrusy sweet finish as smooth as ice. For the casual and connoisseur vodka drinkers alike, Striped Vodka is an excellent choice for your martinis or the perfect complement to your favorite mixer.

40% ABV (80 PROOF) 750ML

With heavy notes of vanilla and butterscotch, this is not your average white rum. Made with premium southern molasses, Striped Rum’s rich flavor is distinctive and different from anyone else on the shelf. It can be enjoyed straight, but its flavors are especially highlighted when shaken with a simple mixer and served over ice.

40% ABV (80 PROOF) 750ML
When our fans asked for a spiced version of our popular Striped Rum, we couldn’t say no. Inspired by our Master Distiller’s family pie recipe, Striped Spice carries our white rum’s natural tasting notes of vanilla and butterscotch, expertly blended with allspice, clove, vanilla, brown sugar and cinnamon to create a uniquely exquisite spiced rum. It is simply delicious. Great as a chilled shooter or mixed in your favorite cocktail – you will not be disappointed.

35% ABV (70 PROOF) 750ML