DrinkMicro?offers insights on the hottest new Micro-Breweries and Miro-Distilleries and named our Striped Rum as one of their favorite rums made in the South.

“Yum yum Rum. Do you love rum? Want to learn more about some of the best Southern rum there has to offer in the States? Well, if so you?ve come to the right place because featured down below are 10 delicious rum that is made by rum lovers in the South.?Check out these mouth watering rums now!

Striped Rum- Striped Pig Distillery

Made with premium southern molasses from Savannah, Georgia.

Striped Rum?s rich flavor is distinctive and different from anything else on the shelf. With heavy notes of vanilla and butterscotch, this is not your average white rum.

It can be enjoyed straight, but its flavors are especially highlighted when shaken with a simple mixer and served over ice.”

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