USA Today’s “10 Best” features the best things to do, buy, and see?all over the globe. Their list of 10 Best local Charleston fall & winter products includes our signature Spiced Rum

“The year comes to a close in Charleston in a beautiful, colorful way. Here, things tend to happen at a slower pace, and the shifting seasons are no exception. Our climate may cling to warmer temperatures than most of our northern neighbors, but we get just as excited about the changing seasons as any place. Take a look at some of our favorite made-in-Charleston fall and winter products:

Need a cup of something to warm your bones after the Charleston Christmas Parade? Mix up a cocktail with Striped Spiced Rum from local Striped Pig Distillery, a fan favorite sure to kick things up a notch at your next company holiday party. Expect flavors of all spice, cloves, and cinnamon, and, according to Striped Pig, “What the holidays taste like if the holidays went down smoothly.”

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